Dermalogica Facials & Non Surgical Facelifts

We provide a choice of top quality facials which are popular with men and women of all ages who want their skin to look its best. Below are details and prices.

Dermalogica Facials

Dermalogica is the beauty industries favourite product. A quality product that uses quality ingredients that do not damage your skin. The long term benefits of using Dermalogica is plainly healthy skin, we should all consider a professional skin treatment as essential and regular doctor and dentist visits for better skin health.

“Dermalogica products shun the industry norm and therefore you will not find cheap chemicals like mineral oil, Lanolin, S D Alcohol, artificial fragrance or colours. Together with our packaging it reflects our product ethics of simple and sustainable”.

Various treatments using Dermalogica products and the Dermalogica range of products are available at United Therapists Ltd such as

Express Facial treatment from £20.00 (cleanse, tone and moisturise during a half hour treatment)

Full Facial from £30.00 (consultation, skin mapping; double cleanse; tone; mask; massage of the face, neck and head, moisturise. Treatment: one and a half hours)

Body Treatments from £45.00 (consultation, body mapping, cleanse; tone; body wrap with head massage; cleanse and tone and moisturise)

At United Therapists we have a number of prescriptive Dermalogica treatments for women and men alike.

Non Surgical Facelifts - £15 to £30

This professional salon treatment is popular with men and women of all ages who want to fight the signs of ageing. The Non Surgical Facelift also helps to delay the signs of ageing.

The treatment uses safe non invasive micro currents for face contour lifting. The benefits of this treatment build over time and therefore we normally recommend a course of treatments initially followed by maintenance treatments. You are, of course, welcome to book one treatment first to see what you think.

We offer a choice of treatment areas including the full face, eye area only and mouth to neck area.

Full Face Treatment (1hr) £30.00
Eye Area Only (30 mins) £15.00
Mouth to Neck Area (40 mins) £25.00


What Is Involved?

Your face will be deeply cleansed to remove any make up or skin debris. Your therapist will then apply an active gel before using the gentle micro current to treat the skin.

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