Sports Therapy & Massage

Sports Therapies are not just for the professionals. Sports therapy is for general sports injury, prevention of injury and rehabilitation of injury, including repetitive strain injury, whatever your profession and sport level.

Can you afford to risk a sports or repetitive strain injury?

For the top athletes and sports men and women, sport injury prevention is crucial to ensure top performance. Sports therapists have been part of sport for many years now. Working alongside coaches and medical professionals, sports therapists can help amateur and professionals sports men and women achieve their best performance.

Not just for professional sports people, Sport therapists don’t just work with the top athletes if you enjoy sports, at any level you too can benefit from sports therapy. If you run, play football, rugby, tennis, golf or any other sport and you want to benefit from the latest sports injury prevention and rehabilitation techniques, come to United Therapists for qualified advise and treatment which could help you return to or enhance your optimum fitness for your sport and mobility regardless of age and ability.

Sport therapy is available at United Therapists for whatever your requirements, from school children to retired women and men, it does not matter what age or what ability you are anyone can benefit sport therapy, sports injury prevention especially for postural problems. Rehabilitation and re-alignment after an injury or over use to take you back to specific ability for your general wellbeing and life enjoyment.

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At United Therapists we care for our clients needs and when and if the need arises we refer our clients to our well trusted and qualified healthcare professionals: our Osteopath Clive Tilbury of The Circle Clinic Mumbles, Dr Maggie Sutton of Hypnobirthing and Reflexology, Uplands and Pontardawe Psychotherapists Kay Cross of Brynamman. “I believe that a true therapist always know their own limits, and when to ask for advice and/or hand their client onto the next level of healthcare professional. Respecting the clients and putting their health and wellbeing first is our priority. In my opinion there is always a fine line between physical and emotional pain” Joanne Bromfield MICHT MIFST VTCT IIHHT.

Bamboo Massage NEW!

Joanne has recently qualified in Bamboo Massage which she uses when appropriate during her treatments. In China Bamboo is the symbol of eternal youth because the Bamboo’s pith is rich in nourishing and normalizing active ingredients, it is a source of energy and life and it gives elasticity, tone and a silky, even and radiant look to the skin.

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Nathan Cleverly

Jo has worked with many boxers including the current WBO light heavyweight world champion Nathan Cleverly. Jo is the daughter of legendary boxing training Jimmy Bromfield. More info will be added here shortly.